Best Sugar Daddy Sites: Find Suggar Babies Near You Online

This could be the dream relationship for a millennial – finding a good looking groomed older gentleman who is willing to spend his time and money on you. While there are lots of wannabe sugar babies out there, the truth is getting the job done by the book is not as easy as it may seem. Sugar babies are often associated with gold diggers, but the truth is they are crystal clear about it and have no hidden intentions.

Finding a sugar daddy in real life or in your circle of friends could be challenging – almost impossible. Finding one in a club or a bar could be hard too – you need to make the difference between a sugar baby and a gold digger, but also to make the difference between a single older guy and someone who is willing to become a sugar daddy.

This is the main reason wherefore so many people turn to sugar daddy websites to find the attention and affection they require. While you might be able to find a sugar daddy over a regular dating website, the truth is most of them will gather around over niche or specialized sugar baby sites , as there is no hassle involved – everyone is there for the same reason.

Now, finding sugar daddies might be tricky, but it is certainly not impossible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you reach your goals faster.

Use the right settings for your dating website

Whether you go on a regular dating website, one for sugar daddies or just a random dating application, there are a few things that could help you find sugar daddies much faster. Most importantly, filter them out correctly – in other words, focus on the actual age. Set your profile to provide matches over 40 years old. Someone younger than 40 is more likely to look for casual hookups or serious relationships.

You are after an older man who looks good and has plenty of dough. At this point, it is pretty obvious that you need to search right. If you leave the age between 18 and 65, you will see pretty much everyone – lots of useless young men who cannot provide what you are after. But if you set your profile to men over 40, chances are you will get into sugar dating much faster.

Join sugar daddy websites

This one makes common sense, yet it is often overlooked by newbies. No sexy man in his 40s will approach you out of nowhere by sending you an email or following you on social media. No one will randomly fall into your lap and ask you to spend his money and time. Instead, you have to put yourself out there. You are available and you want to meet someone, so make it clear.

The good news is there are plenty of sugar daddy dating sites out there. Men interested in becoming sugar daddies would rather go on such a website than a random dating website. There are a few big names out there, as well as less popular options. Try them out, explore and see what the market has to offer you. You can even find niche websites, such as for gay relationships.

Get ready for this experience

This aspect might be irrelevant if you are experienced and you have already had one or more sugar daddies. But if you are new, you might end up struggling to find a sugar daddy . At a first glance, it looks easy. Everyone would like a sugar daddy. Who would not like to spend time in a fancy jacuzzi in the Bahamas while eating caviar?

But then, things change when the daddy wants some actual sugar – you get the point. This relationship is similar to a real one – both parts must provide for the relationship to grow. If this is the first time you are about to pursue this, make sure you know exactly what you will get into. You will get used to it after a while, but the beginning could be a bit difficult.

Decide on some limits

Just because you are eagerly browsing the best sugar daddy sites out there, it does not mean that you are willing to do anything. Pretty much every sugar daddy out there has some limits in terms of what he can spend on you. He will not give you millions. He will come up with an allowance, some vacation every now and then and so on. He will not buy you a Ferrari on the second date.

On the same note, sugar babies must also decide on some limits. Think about what you are looking for in a sugar daddy, as well as what your limits are. What do you feel comfortable doing? Your daddy will want some sugar, of course, but some activities might be too much for you – perhaps you are not into rough stuff. All in all, the agreement must be crystal clear regarding such terms.

Small talk could make the difference

It is not always a rule, but becoming an online sugar baby involves more than just looking good. Sure, pretty much every man you will find over a sugar daddy app will want to take you out and show off. But then, sugar daddies will want more than that. You also have the intimate part, as well as the sex. It could be an unwritten agreement.

It sounds like a full scenario, but the package goes even further. This relationship is not just about spending money and having sex. Instead, sugar daddies want someone who they can communicate with – and so do you. You want to feel good – such as with a good friend. You need to practice small talk and conversational skills if you want to make the difference.

Hang around fancy places

While there are lots of sugar daddy websites to try out there, you should not overlook other possibilities to find someone to pamper you. For example, it does not mean that you can forget about finding a sugar daddy in real life. Many of them hang around fancy bars and restaurants in the attempt to find good looking and younger partners – even better, as they can see them face to face and strike a conversation right away.

But then, you are less likely to find a sugar daddy in a moderate area – even worse, a mediocre one or a student neighborhood. You may not even find sugar daddies in places downtown. Instead, you need to hang around fancy places where the wealthy go. They might be more expensive, but you put yourself on the market to a plethora of potential daddies.

Persistence is key

Persistence is important when around the best sugar daddy sites – the same rule applies in real life too. You will probably have to sweet talk a bunch of frogs before finding your actual prince. You do not need to lower your standards though. Whether you are not comfortable with married men or men over 55, it is totally up to you.

Grab a few good pictures and update them every now and then. Someone who may not find you attractive could like you more with less makeup, for example. Then, make sure you do not look too trashy. If you look trashy, chances are you will be treated like a prostitute – there will not be too much of a connection in this case.

No matter what sugar daddy dating sites you hang around, you will find some good matches to invite you out. Make sure you pick a fancy restaurant – you want to make sure he is really loaded, rather than just a player with good charisma. Feel free to ask questions – this is a date. Ask him about himself, his plans, his past, his hobbies, his work and so on.

You need to find the right approach and display a specific attitude. Most wannabe sugar babies try to be the model type – fancy and luxurious, but a bit dull and boring. Instead, try to be a bit of a free spirit. You must be smart and clever, so he knows that he can have a real conversation with you. Plus, dull models tend to be terrible at making small talk.

When he asks what you want, do not go for money. You will look like a gold digger, rather than a sugar baby. Instead, tell him you want to see the world, tell beautiful stories and live unusual experiences. It makes you look more natural. They will ask where you want to travel next, so make sure your stories are ready. Maintain your approach and consistency will inevitably kick in.

Hunt value for money

It makes no difference what sugar baby sites you choose for this experience. It also does not matter whether you want to do it in real life or over the Internet. Focus on one thing instead – get excellent value for money. Your daddy will, so you might as well take advantage of it. Ask him to go to the spa, get a personal trailer or perhaps a subscription with a fancy gym – you want to look excellent for him, right?

You can push for a nice pair of boots too – just make sure you know his limits. You should be able to tell after a few shopping sessions. Moreover, you have to do this when he is in a good mood. If he is happy about one thing in particular, chances are he will say yes. Otherwise, you might put him off – you are just some extra headache.

Now, it is important to know that a shopping session is not necessarily the most romantic thing to do for a man. Sugar dating is not all about sex and four hour shopping sessions – he can find much better deals out there. Instead, it pays off doing the shopping yourself – with his money, of course. You might as well try the online alternative.

Be aware of your roles

Sugar dating is not all about one person. You may find it funny, but you could find a sugar daddy while you are already seeing one. Sugar daddies are great at making money, but they are not so good at having girlfriends and relationships, so make sure you use this aspect in your favor.

Domesticity is never a good idea when using a sugar daddy app . Stick to some limits – most sugar daddies will do with a couple of nights a week. You might have to go up to three nights a week though. Six dates a week will not be manageable. You will be overwhelmed. Besides, he will lose interest. Your lack of availability will keep his interest high.

Stick to your so called job description. As a sugar baby, you are supposed to be good looking and sexy. You must be fun and entertaining, but also happy and mysterious at the same time. Thinking about bringing other types of feelings in? Chances are you will freak your sugar daddy out.

If you need some support or you feel lonely, you could always reach out to some close friends. Make sure you do not mention these things to your sugar daddies – he might take them as some warnings. Then, you can text him a few pictures from stylish parties – you do not even have to be there. Get them from others’ Instagram and send them to him while eating a cheesecake on your period at home.


As a short final conclusion, there are lots of sugar daddy websites out there to try – some of them with a higher reputation than others. There are lots of options in real life too, yet the hassle could be more intense – this is why more and more people stick to the online option. But on another hand, you do need to know what you are getting into, set some limits and come up with a fun character that no man can resist.

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