Snapsext Review


Simplicity 92%
Number of users 87%
Safety 95%
Support 94%
Quality 93%
Value for money 91%

Main facts about SnapSext

  • They have been with us for 9 years
  • The main accent is on photos and videos
  • Plenty of users online all the time
  • Simple registration
  • Easy to use website
  • Chatrooms allow you to chat with multiple users at the same time
  • Advanced search options
  • 5 membership options available

Introducing SnapSext

SnapSext is slightly different than most, other websites of the same kind. The main accent is placed on the users who want to share sexy photos, selfies, and videos. You are welcome to check them out and to contact any user you like.

The first step is the registration process. It is simple and it will require just a few minutes of your time. Basically, you need to provide name, email, gender and other, main data. After registration, you will see the overall simplicity of the site. It is completely focused on browsing the user profiles, watching new and interesting videos and so much more. We should add that you will be ready to contact another user within seconds. There is no anything that will drive you of that action.

Features and capabilities Of SnapSext

There are a lot of features SnapSext offers. Straightaway we can see that users have the ability to browse other users, customize search using nationality, age, gender and sexual preference. Precisely this is the major difference the site offers. There are a lot of search criteria parameters meaning you can get a list of users that are just right for your desire. In addition, chatrooms are present as well. Here you can chat with a high number of online users at any given moment. Yes, you can also browse the list of online users only.

Cost of using SnapSext

SnapSext isn’t free to use, but we can add that it is one of the most affordable sites of this type. There are several membership options and all of them are known as Gold plans. They eliminate any limitations and allow you to use the site completely with all the features we have mentioned earlier. Anyway, the membership plans are:

  • Gold 2- Trial package for 2 days with a price of $0.99
  • Gold 7- Trial membership of 7 days with a price of $9.95
  • Gold 1 month $34.95
  • Gold 6 months $11.65/month
  • Gold 18 months $6.67/month

There is one interesting offer. Users who opt for membership of one year will get a massive discount of 80%. This means you literally get 6 months of use for free. It is the most desirable option for users who are planning to use SnapSext for a long period of time.

Main advantages and benefits

There are some known and common benefits here, but there are some rare and unique advantages only SnapSext has to offer. After all, it targets users who know what to look and who want to be shown with a specific type of other users. If you are one of those who simply wants to chat as soon as possible, be free to explore chatrooms. Anyway, the main advantages are:

  • Simple and straightforward registration
  • You can specify if you are looking for threesome, a friend with benefits or something else
  • Chat feature is easy to use and appealing
  • Advanced search options allow you to find users who meet specific criteria
  • SnapSext is available in several languages
  • SMS support for users who prefer offline communication method
  • You can make money by streaming your videos
  • Gain access to a massive gallery available
  • Promo membership always available for new users
  • Safe mode available (limits some features such as video chat)
  • No fake profiles

Our Verdict

SnapSext is definitely an interesting site that claims to offer a lot. Actually, they met all our expectations and they provided an excellent combination between standard, less-common and common features users will need. The site is easy to use and it is superb for those who want to meet and chat with new people who are ‘’free’’ with their sexuality. An interesting fact is that you can even make money by sharing your video feed. The bottom line is high recommendations. SnapSext is one of the best sites of this kind we encountered.

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