Best Gay Hookup Sites & Apps [Reviews 2020]

You can do pretty much everything you want over the Internet today. You can shop for groceries and get your shopping delivered within a certain hour slot, you can work or sell stuff and so on. You can apply for jobs or even plan your whole vacation. But at the same time, the Internet is also a good starting point for those who want to find a gay partner.

To keep it simple, there are more straight people out there, so finding a gay partner is not that easy. Sure, there are certain communities, places, roads, bars and clubs designed for gays, but at the same time, the online dating industry has also taken off. These days, you can find gay hookup sites everywhere, so finding a partner has never been easier.

It sounds easy, but things could get a bit more complicated. Some websites are better than others. Of course, it depends on your priorities. It depends on what you are after, your budget, time and preferences. No matter what you are after, there will be some major differences between two different gay sex websites. Here is everything you need to know before making a final decision.

Consider paying for access

If you are completely new to gay hookup websites, paying for access may not necessarily be one of your priorities. In fact, most people will most likely choose the free version at first. They will try to find partners on multiple websites for free before considering this option. They will spend time floating from one service to another and keeping an eye on the new people, as well as the current “market”.

This option could or could not work for them. If it does not, they are likely to move on to premium services. A premium website will not guarantee that you can find a good hookup or a relationship. Again, it is about searching, communicating and dating. However, some websites will allow you to communicate and search with a premium account only.

In terms of popularity, people like both options. Pretty much everyone starts with a free account. Some people will go premium straight away and they only communicate with other premium users – this idea filters the useless accounts and robots. Then, there are some free websites with an incredible reputation too. There is something for everyone out there.

Think about the communication

The actual communication is essential when looking for gay hookup apps or websites. You cannot just see someone you physically like and get a date without any communication upfront. If you are after a casual hookup only, it might work – there are more variables in the deal though. But if you want more, you need to ensure you two are on the same page.

The type of interaction and communication you get will determine how satisfied you will be with certain gay hook up websites. There are more options out there and even if you are after sex only, you will still want a bit of communication – you want to ensure the other person finds you attractive and is willing to take it offline with you.

Now, communication on gay hookup online websites can go in two different directions. On some websites, you could send messages to anyone. You could also get a message from anyone. On other websites, you will only get messages from people who you are matched with. First, you need to like each other. Then, you can actually communicate.

Consider your time

Local gay hookups can be a lot of work. Since there are more straight individuals out there, hooking up down the street could be difficult – it might be easier if you go to a gay nightclub or so. But then, the online alternative will not be a breeze either. In fact, online dating services score extremely low in satisfaction over consumer reports.

The reason is fairly simple. The job looks so easy that you will end up spending hours browsing, liking, swiping and sending messages. Finding the right partner is a time consuming job that will drain you. It feels exhausting. It is not like shopping for a pair of jeans – emotions are also involved. Bottom line, take your time and wait if things seem more difficult than you thought.

Double check the demographics

Some of the best gay sites out there will provide access to the demographics. Some others will not. At this point, you need a bit of research – rather than spending your time to make an account, come up with a profile description and look around. Researching demographics will help you find the partner you need, as each website has a different profile.

Some websites or gay hookup apps are more common among millennials. They may also be attractive to Generation X youngsters. They are usually free. On the other hand, a baby boomer wants someone more serious. They are after stable partners. They are not young, so they can easily afford paying for a subscription – they often go for premium websites.

It is not all about the generation though. The age range is just as important – you could be into young partners or perhaps you want someone older. Furthermore, a few hints about the growth of a particular website will also help out. A website with hundreds of new members will give you more options than a website that stagnates.

Consider big websites as a newbie

If you are new to online dating, you may not necessarily want to go for a niche or small website. Instead, choose one of the best gay sites out there and join the big pool of people looking for partners. Go for popular dating websites because they have hundreds of thousands of users. You will have a good selection of potential partners and plenty of new people on a daily basis.

Going with a big dating website will also help you become familiar with the industry. You will learn that not everyone is who they say they are. You will find bots and spammers as well, so you will know precisely what to expect from now on. These websites are pretty stable too and they allow both free and premium accounts.

When to go with niche gay hookup sites

Niche gay hookup sites are not to be overlooked either. They are more common among those who have already spent a while on big alternatives, but not always. They have become familiar with the industry and they have some experience, so they want something more specific. This is when choosing a niche website can help with the filtering.

On the other hand, niche gay hookup websites are also suitable when you have a very specific factor in mind. It could be the political system or perhaps the race. Maybe you want someone with a specific religion. Some websites are suitable for the Jewish community, while others are recommended to vegetarians or those who love books.

Obviously, the actual database of users will be significantly lower than over large dating websites. But on a different note, you know you no longer need to double check someone’s profile upfront – plus, you can forget about pushing the conversation in a certain direction to determine whether or not someone is suitable for you.

Try more websites

You find a gay hook up website and you give it a try. You find some matches and you see new people every now and then. It looks like your options keep expanding. While things seem to work, this may not necessarily be the best option for you. You should not settle for the first website you run into because there might be better choices out there.

Try out more websites – both large or general and niche specific. Give each website a decent chance before making a final decision. Most people want to find the best website on the market, but there is no such thing. There is no platform that will work for everyone. Instead, there are more quality gay hookup websites and you need to look around to find the right one for your needs.

Go through a few reviews

You go google gay sex websites for a hookup and you find plenty of options. Not all of them are actually right – in fact, some of them might be good at marketing, but this is pretty much it. If you go for a free website, you will only waste a bit of time – no money. If you go for a premium one, you might lose both money and time.

This is why you need to go through a few reviews before signing up with a gay hookup online portal, especially if you have to pay for a subscription. Some websites dominate the market and do not require too much research, but others may not be that popular. Go through reviews and remember that people write them based on their personal experiences – the respective website may actually be different for you.

Keep in mind that people lie

It pays off being a bit cautious when looking for local gay hookups over the Internet. Some people may seem perfect for what you are after. Their profiles are flawless and they provide many details about themselves. They also upload a bunch of pictures in different circumstances, so you can get a pretty good idea about what to expect.

Anyone who is familiar with the Internet has probably noticed it already – people lie a lot when they go online. Some people lie about their age, while others lie about interests or specific information. Some like to present a perfect life while they struggle, while others post modified pictures. No matter how good a match may seem, keep the guard up and keep in mind that it may not be 100% real.

From this point of view, avoiding providing too much personal information online and do not give details out just like that. Talking about safety and security, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you stay safe during your online dating experience.

Safety tips when using gay hookup websites

Anyone can register on gay sex websites, including those with bad intentions. Here are a few ideas to stay safe.

· Use specific pictures for your profile – Do not just download pictures from your social media profiles. Someone could do a reverse image search and find your social media and lots of private details.
· Stay away from suspicious profiles – You match with someone, but their profile is empty. There is no biography and no details. There is only one picture. While it could be someone real, there is a decent chance that it is a fake profile.
· Do not give out personal information – Keep specific details private, such as your zip code or address, phone number, workplace and so on. You do not want a dangerous stalker around your home.
· Avoid financial help – You end up liking someone and sooner or later, they start whining about their financial situation, a mother who needs surgery or a brother who fights drug addiction. Anything that seems to lead to financial help must be avoided – it is a scam.
· Use caution when meeting in person – Go and video chat first. Tell a friend where you are going. Make sure you meet in a public place. Use your own transportation and trust your own instincts. Ask for help if you feel uncomfortable.


As a short final conclusion, gay hookup websites are extremely diversified and will provide access to thousands of potential matches. No matter how picky you are, chances are you could still find someone who can match your expectations.

Not all websites are the same, so a little research upfront will help you save both time and money. Know what to expect from this experience and be cautious about everything you do online – just like in real life, people are not always who they claim to be.

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