Benaughty Review

Main Facts About Benaughty

  • Fast and simple interface for finding a new partner as soon as possible
  • Plenty of useful search criteria parameters
  • 3-day trial adds 2 days additionally for free
  • Sophisticated pricing system
  • Ability to find and sort people by religion, tattoos, piercings and more
  • App for Android and iOS available
  • Users can contact new profiles as soon as possible

In today’s time, Online Dating is one of the biggest and most popular trends there is. With the growing influence of social media and the internet, it has truly reached great heights and large audiences. Who wouldn’t be interested? Almost every online dating site offers the chance to find your best match and soulmate with just a couple of clicks.

Dating Sites presents you the opportunity to meet someone that may steal your heart, body, and soul. They give you the chance to acquaint yourself with a person that has similar interests and hobbies. They’ll grant you the possibility of new relationships and memories. What more could a single person yearning for love and affection ask for, right?

Well, if you are hesitant to try dating sites, then worry no more! This Benaughty Review will help you decide whether you are missing out or not.

Know More About Benaughty Dating Site

The Benaughty Dating Site has been offering its online dating services since its establishment in 2000. This site, like others, offers its members the chance to meet their best possible matches. Although, unlike other dating sites, their webpage format resembles those of famous social networks. The site was developed by Collectively Community LTD, a highly regarded company that is focused on social influence.

Plus, the site reaches more than 70 countries worldwide! That number of members will surely increase your chances of finding a good match. Its biggest audience is the United States. The Dating Site also has pretty solid reviews on famous online markets. In the Google Play store, it obtained 3.6 stars out of 5, 2 on a scale of 5 star ranking on Amazon, and a staggering 4.5 stars out of 5 in the Apple App Store.

On the site, the main method and way of reaching out to possible matches would be the group chat rooms. It helps you search for people that will catch your interest. You will also get to talk to a larger group of people. However, the site is strictly aimed at adults.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of members searching for fast sexual gratification on this site. There are chat rooms that are perfect for those looking for a quick no-string-attached hookup and not so serious relationships. Make sure that you are cautious of who you are messaging, especially if you are uncomfortable with these kinds of things.

The site also recommends a trial period before you get charged real dollars in exchange for their service. To be honest, it is far from cheap, but it is worthwhile. It does save you the money needed for fancy restaurants or movie tickets for the first date. What a steal, right?

On this site, you’ll be able to meet someone, flirt, and form relationships if you wish so. You can also find someone for a quick hook up if that is what you prefer. Either way, Benaughty Dating Site will help ease your yearning.

How to use Benaughty Site

  • Through this Benaughty Review, you will be able to learn how to set up the perfect profile! Fill up the information needed to make your account. You are required to use an email to open and use Benaughty. You are also allowed a trial period before you are charged. That way, you’ll be able to test the site and check if it fits your liking.
  • After that, you are encouraged to add a profile picture. Make sure to use the best one in your gallery! A good and charming picture can attract attention, and at the same time, a lot of followers. That’ll surely give you more options.
  • You are advised to use your actual address. The site has a location feature that looks for possible matches that are near your area. That way, you’ll have a better chance of meeting each other personally if you decide that video calls and chats are not enough anymore.
  • You will be shown the profiles of members that match your preferred age and gender. You will be able to choose from those or you can seek out matches yourself by joining chat groups and the likes. Aside from that, scoring a date or relationship will then be up to your flirting skills.
  • Benaughty Dating Site also has a mobile app for both Android and Apple Users. It has limited functionality but it does the job! It is useful and handy for those who like to frequently spend time on the site.

Basic features of Benaughty Site

Promote My Account

This feature of the site offers higher and better visibility for your account to other site members. It sends out promotional messages to other profiles and sends potential matches in your direction. It is also a way to help your profile to ‘get there’ and attract more people and visitors. This feature will help you meet and interact with more people. It’ll certainly assist you in having more matches and followers .

Full Safe Mode

This will allow only those who are verified to message you. It is given that dating sites are home for a few creeps and pervs. That is not something that can be avoided. Even the best and most recommended dating sites have those. With this feature, rest assured that only people who are confirmed and approved by the site will have the ability to send you a message.

This feature will save you from having to deal with unwelcome messages or advances from suspicious profiles.

Basic Safe Mode

This is the limited form of the safe mode feature mentioned above. This feature will shield and protect you from receiving messages from members that already have a record of misconduct or misbehavior on the site. It’ll certainly help and assist you in avoiding those who are prone to or capable of harassing people. It’ll help you avoid having to interact with possible delinquents or rule offenders.

This is handy and useful if you’re not exactly interested or into bad boys/girls and prefer law-abiding partners.

Location Feature

As mentioned in this Benaughty Review , the site has a great location feature. I mean, why bother with a match that is thousands of miles away? Long-Distance Relationship is a thing, but it is hard to maintain.

That is what the Benaughty Dating Site is trying to prevent. With this, you’ll get matches that are near your area! You will get to meet up with someone with no to little hassle. The only thing you’ll be worried about would be the restaurant to take them to or the best outfit you need to wear for that day.


The site’s interface design is structured to look similar with famous social networks. This makes it easier to navigate. That similarity and comparison may also help you feel more comfortable in using the site. Through it, you can look for someone who can catch your interest.

The site is a setting for online courting! You can flirt to your heart’s content and meet new people along the way. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a quick hook up, Benaughty Dating Site can help you!

Chat Rooms

Last feature in this Benaughty review is the chat rooms. Like any other dating site, Benaughty also offers a chance for you to join a variety of chat rooms. Through these, you’d be able to find people with common interests. Whether it’s sex or coffee, you’ll be able to find a space for these things alike.

These chat rooms can help you communicate with a larger group of people, instead of just one at a time through personal messages. This way, you’ll be able to interact with more members and possibly have a greater chance of finding a perfect match!


  • It offers a fun setting to meet new people
  • It has a location feature
  • It has a decent ratio of female and male members
  • It is safe and secure


  • Many profiles have little information and have no picture of them
  • You may receive a lot of fake messages


There are times that you need to invest money just to maximize the usage of great features in a dating site. Approximately, a month membership in Benaughty charges nearly 30 dollars. If you want to continue your usage, then you need to pay the respective price too.


Does it track my location?

Answer: Yes, but only to help you find people that are near your area. This is for the site’s location feature.

How do I upgrade my account?

Answer: Logging into the site, you’ll find a green button with the ‘Upgrade’ button. It’ll grant your membership and full access to the site!

What are the perks of Full Membership?

Answer: Being able to upgrade to a “full member” means that you can use the site to its full potential. You can maximize the usage of the site’s resources. You can unlock a person’s profile, see their albums and send messages.

How do I cancel Full Membership?

Answer: You can cancel your membership by going to your account settings.


The Internet takes up a large part of the lives of people in this era. It’s not a surprise that someone will incorporate dating through the web. Also, with people being busy, it’s easy to fall in love with the idea of online dating. Now, reading this Benaughty Review can help you save time and money if you are hesitant to conquer the concept of finding a partner online.

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