Ashley Madison Review


Simplicity 95%
Number of users 95%
Safety 99%
Support 94%
Quality 92%
Value for money 96%

Main facts about Ashley Madison

  • It is designed to provide a high level of confidentiality
  • The site is suitable for those who look for casual dating
  • It has been one of the safest sites to use
  • The modern and appealing user interface

Have you ever heard of the famed Ashley Madison? Well, she’s your go-to site if you’re looking for something, or rather, someone to spice up your married life with a pint of infidelity and secret affairs!

Ashley Madison is one of the most well-known cheating sites today. Somewhat a weird concept, but it is true up to date. It has millions of users worldwide that are looking for an easy and secretive affair that will satisfy their desires that their husbands or wives have failed to fulfill.

If you’re looking for a horny housewife that’s searching for a bit of secret fun, or perhaps a man you want to simply connect with, then this site is perfect for you! Read this AshleyMadison Review and decide whether you want to join the clash or not!

History and All About AshleyMadison Dating Site

Ashley Madison is a dating site that targets people who are already married or in a relationship. It was created in 2002 by Darren Morgenstern. The name of the site used two popular female names, maybe to create a sort of discretion, especially for female members.

The company is based in Canada. Its members and audience had bloomed over the years, having more than 60 million users in 53 countries. With that number of members, it’s a surprise that it managed to stay away from the public eye for so long.

In 2015, however, a Pandora box filled with secrets and scandals was released to the public after a large data breach. Just overnight, what should have been harmless fun turned to an absolute nightmare as the data of these customers had been revealed publicly.

What the company did to address the issue was to remove the Chief Executive Officer, and the site had undergone multiple changes since then. They changed the tag line to “Find your Moment”, hoping for a rebrand, and to replace the brand image with a woman wearing a red gemmed wedding ring.

The site, unlike others, makes use of credits instead of the usual monthly subscriptions. A male member needs to pay the needed amount to be able to message someone. Female members, on the other hand, get to use the site’s features free of charge. The reason is that the site is made especially for housewives.

The site receives a lot of criticisms because of its goal and nature. Most negative opinions about the site are about the promotion of infidelity and adultery. I think that it is understandable with the site’s previous tagline but as they said, they don’t force anyone to join.

The site is created to entertain the desires of those who are unsatisfied with their marriage life. If you are one of those or perhaps just a willing person who wants affection and is eager to keep a secret, then you are free to sign up!

How to use AshleyMadison Site

  • First advice that you’ll get from this AshleyMadison review is to create your account first. It will just take a few clicks and not more than 5 minutes! You’ll have to state what type of affair you’re after. Whether you are an attached female seeking males and the likes.
  • The site wants you to describe yourself and your limits. Be honest as possible, or at least have it closer to the truth.
  • You are then given the option to upload a profile photo. Although you can skip, take note that those who upload pictures attract more attention! Use your best and most appealing one, and get ready to be flooded with messages in no time!
  • Finish setting up your profile by adding a description. Write something interesting about yourself or add what you are looking for in a partner. That way, you will be able to catch more eyes!
  • The site asks about your detailed interests, desires, and types. Whether you are into bondage or just plain cuddling. Whether you prefer a big, muscled blond or a tall, dark, and handsome guy. Be open and honest about your personal preferences for a successful dating life.
  • The site is pretty laidback and easy to use. Being a standard member will allow you to like and view other profiles, send winks and lurk around to find interesting people. If you want to send a message though, you’ll have to buy credits and upgrade to Premium Member.

Best features of AshleyMadison Site


The interface of the website is easy to navigate. It is designed like other dating sites that display your preferences, interests, and information for potential partners. It is also specific in asking detailed information to deliver more sets of people for you. Also, you can view and like profiles easily. You can even send winks to those who fit in your personal taste!

Standard Membership

The site is designed mostly for women, which is why they are given free rein to access its full features. The same can’t be said for men like me, as we need to pay first if we want to send a message. Despite that, there are still good perks even if you’re just a standard member of the site.

As listed in this AshleyMadison Review , you can visit profiles, like them, and send winks. There’s no limit to browsing around. You can also mark your photos for private viewing only.

Premium Membership

Premium membership unlocks all the features of the site! It will help you maximize AshleyMadison’s full potential and give you a better chance of searching for a suitable lover! You can boost your profile, chat with people, and remove message restrictions. Being a premium member can also give you access to the Travelling Man/Woman feature and the Affair Guarantee Package!

Travelling Man/Woman

This is perfect for travelers at heart who wish a unique chance to connect with someone in a new and different city! This site feature allows you to message members that are near your area. The site can also help you plan an amazing date by offering you great extra-curricular activities in that location.

You’ll be given the option to choose the type of person you would like to meet and the language they speak. That way, you’ll have fun without stressing about the language barrier.

Affair Guarantee Package

One amazing thing about the site is that it offers a refund. Affair Guarantee Package is a feature that allows you to refund the money you spent if you had yet to find someone within the first three months. If anything, AshleyMadison aims to satisfy every customer and give a quality experience! I can’t deny that it’s a win-win deal.


As a popular dating-slash-cheating site, the members need to protect their privacy. AshleyMadison is big when it comes to their privacy policy. They offer discretion and secrecy towards their members. They help you keep your affairs a secret from your real-life partners. Commend to them as they do deliver.

As mentioned in this AshleyMadison Review earlier, they allow you to set your photos to private. You can choose who can browse them by granting them access. If ever you change your mind, you can also revoke the said access and your level of privacy is yours to control.


  • The site values privacy.
  • The members are respectful.
  • It emphasizes your desires and interests
  • You’ll receive fast messages.


  • Women are given free access but men need to pay.
  • The uneven ratio of female and male members.


If you want to maximize your usage, you need to pay the Basic cost, which is $59 for 100 credits. Classic is $169 with 500 credits. Lastly, Elite costs $289 for 1000 credits. Be familiar with these categories and allow yourself to decide on what’s best for your dating life.


Does Ashley Madison allow you to upload a discreet profile picture?

Answer: Yes. The site allows you to blur out your image or add a ‘mask’ to respect your privacy.

How do I delete my profile?

Answer: Like other sites, Ashley Madison offers you the chance to either deactivate your account or delete it entirely. Deactivating will hide your profile and remove it on search results. Deleting will mean that your profile, photos, and messages will be erased from the site.

How do I keep my profile safe?

Answer: You can use a different email from your main one. Just make sure that it doesn’t contain any personal information!

Is Ashley Madison legitimate?

Answer: Yes, it is. Ashley Madison is an authentic dating site that operates worldwide.


According to the earlier statements of this AshleyMadison Review , this dating site can help you satisfy and meet your needs if you feel like you tied the knot too soon, or perhaps committed to a relationship too fast. This site offers you a great chance to meet new people that are willing to keep a dirty secret, or even be the dirty secret itself. It has multiple features that help you keep your privacy. If you’re craving for the extra flavor and excitement to liven up your love life, then sign up now!

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